A MultiCultural Destination for your Food & Beauty Needs

Specializing in African Products; and limited Italian, and Greek products.


At Akin’s International Foods, our staff is more than just a team we are a family dedicated to bringing you the best in international products and quality service. Our diverse group of passionate Individuals are here to ensure that every visit to our store is a delightful experience.

Beauty is Our Business

Discover our Beauty Salon and extensive selection of quality beauty products designed for every body and age.

Our beauty department offers a wide range of hair supplies, including wigs, extensions, creams, shampoos, and accessories. We also provide body creams, lotions, soaps, and makeup suitable for all skin tones and shades.

Visit us and let us assist you in finding exactly what you need.

Our health and beauty section is dedicated to providing a variety of quality products and salon services, all with cultural diversity in mind.

Packaged & Dry Goods

  • Quick meal / Beverages: Palm wine ,soft drink/pop, malts, origin, noodles, bournvita, milo, custard, sardine, evaporated milk , powder Milk, cereal  
  • Seasoning, Spices and Oil: Palm oil, afar, pepper soup spices, Locust Bean (IRU) mellon (EGOS), maggi, know, crayfish , hot powder pepper
  • Grains & Flours:  Rice , bean, semolina, Gari ,pounded yam, yam/ plantain flour, corn and wheat flour, fufu
  • Canned Products

Frozen Foods

  • Frozen Meats/Fish:  Cow skin ( POMO), all kinds of fish , goat meat,  cow feet, Beef Tripe (SHAKI), hard chicken , oxtail, and other specialties meat parts.
  • Fresh & Frozen Veggies: spinach, cassava leaf, jute leaf (EWEDU) locust bean (IRU), bell pepper , Habanero pepper, bitter leave, yam , cassava, plantain

Quality Imports

Akin’s International Foods is an African, Caribbean and European Supermarket located in Winnipeg carrying a wide range of popular African and Caribbean food and beauty products. We proudly serve the vibrant ethnic community throughout Winnipeg with a variety of ethnic imported foods and goods

Friendly Service

Our group of dedicated and enthusiastic employees will be happy to welcome you to our unique destination and serve your needs. Our store offers a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that encourages the celebration of diversity. Feel free to ask any of our “helpers” to find you anything you need!

Great Selection

We proudly offer a variety of premium, high quality delicious items that can be hard to find in standard grocery stores! We also offer wholesale products for many customers throughout Manitoba


Special Orders

We arrange special orders of products not carried in the store upon request

Must be paid in full upon placing the order!

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Stop by anytime and visit us, for a multicultural experience

Working hours

Monday – Friday – 9:30 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday – 10 am -7:00 pm
Sunday – 12 noon – 6:00 pm

We are here

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